Sunday, 17 March 2013

DevOps Community Resources

I've been at London 2013 DevOps Days the last couple of days; great fun it was too. I was expecting some good presentations, but I wasn't expecting to have so many awesome chats with interesting people. Nor was I expecting a free bar that would serve me mojitos until the mint ran out, but that's another story entirely.

The afternoons on both days were given over to 'Open Space', where at the start of the session any attendee was free to propose a topic, something that they wanted to talk about, but not necessarily that they were already knowledgeable in. Being a relative newcomer to the whole DevOps thing, I proposed a session to find out how to get more involved in the community: where do people meet, which conferences are there, which mailing lists and IRC rooms should I be subscribing to?

I wrote down all the suggestions, and promised to share my notes. So here they are.

not strictly DevOps but tangentially interesting:
  • FOSDEM was in Brussels in February
  • Scale was in California in February
  • Puppet Camp is very frequent, Puppet Conf is in San Francisco in August
  • Kanban Days was mentioned but I couldn't find the link to, although I did find this
  • Monitorama is in Boston later this month
  • LOAdays is in April in Belgium
  • BarCamp is self-organising and everywhere by the looks of things 
  • QCon London was at the start of March  
general conference and event resources:

Meetups and Google groups:

          Freenode has the channel #devops, although ##infra-talk might be more active.
          For people just getting started with IRC, IRCCloud comes recommended.




There's enough here to keep me busy for a while I think... if anyone knows of any more resources to add please feel free to comment below or email me.

Now to start planning my diary...